Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cars On The Brain

What better place to start blogging than with our first FINISHED project!? I'm not surprised that Bubs wanted to see this one through since it was, of course, car related. We talked about making a road last night when he discovered that his tracing shapes looked just like one, only problem was that they were a bit small even for the matchbox cars. So this morning I gathered what little supplies we have (he is just recently starting to get into crafts) and went about cutting some shapes for him to glue while he waited semi patiently. Note to self - It's a good idea to have things ready for him before we sit down at the table.. At least for now anyway.

We covered a piece of cardboard with green paper and colored it for grass - This step really wasn't necessary, as only the corners were visible in the end.

He is such a meticulous little man. It took him quite some time to plan where he was going to stick the lines, but he figured it out eventually.

I'm hoping the finished product last long enough for me to get some contact paper. He has been having a blast all day playing with his road :)