Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taste of Tacoma?

Well, We had big plans to go to last week's Taste of Tacoma festival, but when we got there Saturday afternoon the crowd was just insane. Both of my boys have a really hard time in big groups like that, so rather than stay we decided to go down to the pier instead. Best idea ever! Bubs has been near the ocean a few times since we have been in Washington, but he's never actually been in the water. It was FREEZING, but we had a blast splashing in the waves. Jam was super happy to just be out and about, being worn by his daddy, and was all smiles all day. :)

We never miss an opportunity for an impromptu dance party!

It took him a few minutes to conquer his fear, but once he did, Bubs couldn't get enough of the waves!

This one is my favorite. I'm really bummed that this picture got so over-edited, and the original deleted.


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