Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Independence Day!

The Tacoma Nature Center was REALLY cool! Outside there is about a mile of trail to hike/walk through, as well as the Discovery Pond, which is basically a playground made to look like the outdoors. Inside there are books, puppets, animals, and a beaver habitat where kids can play. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my two and a  half year old was able to find lots to do, and it was really not crowded at all, despite being the middle of summer.

Walking on the train with Nana, (who was in town for the week). We saw some turtles basking on a log and talked about why they had shells, and picked out a bunch of different colors of flowers. :)

The beaver habitat inside was a hit! There were some costumes and puppets hanging around, but the kids got too involved in climbing and crawling to be interested in much else!

I was really impressed with the Discovery Pond play area. There is so much room to run and play, and so many opportunities for learning. Bubs found a well to pump and a rock to climb that I would have completely overlooked, and was able to get all of his excess energy out! Win/win


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