Thursday, April 7, 2011


I think I am going to enjoy most about homeschooling my children is that there is room for trial and error, and exploration. I noticed yesterday that Bubs was suddenly very disinterested in things he had previously enjoyed doing, so we just spent the day playing cars while I tried to figure it out. Well, I THINK he is confused. I've started letting him play on starfall since we have been working on letters - he loves it, he'd sit at my computer all day if I'd let him.. But I realized a few things about the crafts we have been doing: While they are super cute, he doesn't recognize lowercase letters (since I have only been showing him capitals) which is what most words begin with. and he doesn't realize that D (duh) Dinosaur is all one concept; also my fault because I haven't been working on the sounds either. Starfall was introducing all of these concepts that he had never seen before, and I was just assuming that it was common knowledge that it all went together.
Hmph.. Part of me is a little disappointed in myself because I have been talking so much about how I want to do things HIS way, take it at HIS pace, and just have fun. And it has been fun for both of us, but I think I have been approaching this from my own perspective "Of course B is for bear", "of course buh, bear is a B". So for the rest of the week we're just gonna play, maybe do some shapes that he already knows, have fun and start over on Monday with a little less on our plates. I am fairly certain that my two year old doesn't need a theme, and a letter of the week. and I'm pretty sure a simpe theme, like "red" might be a bit easier to swallow than "the ocean" at this point. I think maybe I have been over-planning (I am a micro-manager of THE worst kind, just ask my husband!) and Bubs has been getting lost in a sea of information. I think this because I'm noticing that the things that we have just touched on and I have left alone for him to ask me questions about HE IS STILL TALKING ABOUT!
Honestly, I am not even certain Bubs is ready for letters yet. He has shown a HUGE interest in reading lately, which he did not have at all a few months ago, but is unconcerned with the fact that that cat starts with C. I really don't want to ruin books for him by pushing something that he isn't ready for.. I'm going to lay off on the alphabet for a few weeks and just let him play on starfall if he asks for it. - More library time is definitely in our near future.. This I am sure he will be pleased with :)


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