Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Story: Book Reviews

I've decided to do a review of our favorite books of the week mainly because I constantly find myself standing in the bookstore racking my brain to remember which of the hundreds of books that circulate through our house are the ones "worth buying", but also because I LOVE finding other Mama's reviews so I figured why not write a few myself?

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Kate Tom is a favorite in our house. In this hand-stitched, rhyming, super cute twist on the nursery rhyme that we all know and love Itsy goes on an adventure through the yard as he tries to make it up the spout to his web high above the world. Despite being bounced into clothes hanging on the line and eyeballed by a couple of possibly hungry birds, Itsy comes up with a solution to help him get up the spout, even on a rainy day. I love this book because it starts out with the original Itsy Bitsy Spider, and my two year old has a blast elaborating as e read on what else Itsy can do besides just climbing the spout.

I Love You Through and Through by Burnadette Rossitti-shustak and Carolyne Jayne Church is a particularly adorable book where a little boy goes through his day playing, feeling and showing off from his head to his toes, being told over and over how much each part of him is loved. This is one of my favorite to read with both of my boys because despite their age difference it is so easy to to tickle each of their noses and toes and remind them again and again how much I love them. :)


Kelley [playgroundlaboratory] said...

That sounds really cute, I'll definitely try to pick it up at the library this week!

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