Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Story: Book Reviews

Well... I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks, I have a ton of books that I want to talk about We have a few books on the way from Amazon right now, which I WILL review in full when they come. Josh and I had a great idea to expand the boys' reading material! Every pay period we're planning to spend $10 or so on 'new' books, or really used with cheap shipping from Amazon. We've done this twice now and already added more than a dozen books! But for now, here's a list of what has been cycling through the laboratory the past two weeks:

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, Kevin Sherry
  One of the books that we purchased this week was a Kevin Sherry book. He has quickly become a household staple and I'm sure we will be adding more to the boys' home library as time passes. His artwork is super cute, and his stories are silly. Who wouldn't love 'em?

One Duck Stuck, Phyllis Root
   I'm not entirely sure where we stand on this book yet. I had heard rave reviews about it and picked it up on Amazon for under a dollar before we even got it from the library. This book is really cute and rhymey, and has tons of animals that Bubs can identify, so I was sure he would love it. When it came rather than being a board book, like I thought I had ordered, it was a giant lap book! I was so excited to show Bubs! He, however, was less than thrilled.. See we have a rule in our house - NO DRIVING ON BOOKS. and this huge book would have, I'm sure, made the perfect ramp for his cars... I think hearing "nuh uh" and "please don't" every time this book comes out has left a bad taste in his mouth. So hopefully we can find it at the library this week in a more Bubby-friendly style and try it again. :)

My Car, Byron Barton
   This book is simple and fun, it has even helped Bubs to recognize the word "car" when he sees it! I'm not going to say much about it now, because it is one that I plan to renew (for some reason I didn't order it?!?!) and talk more about this week! This is easily top 3 for us right now, and he is getting pretty good at reading it to us himself!

Seven Scary Monsters, Mary Beth Lundgren
   I cannot believe this one isn't on it's way from Amazon too! This book is about 7 monsters taking up too much space in a little Boy's room at bedtime monster he has a different tool for getting rid of them, and the same magic words, "Rick Rack Wrinkleshack, don't you dare come back!" But by the time the last monster has gone he feels lonely, and uses those same words to bring them back for a great big monster snuggle party. So cute! I love this book because it promted Bubs' first fort, and showed how big his imagination is, when he banished Daddy from our fort using his own version of the magic words! Seven Scary Monsters is absolutely on the next list of books to buy!

I'm Dirty, Kate & Jim McMullan
   I was so excited when I saw these construction car books at the library that it was all I could do not to grab every one of them for the boys to read! But honestly, I was disappointed in the one we brought home.. The artwork is Super cute, but the way it was written did little to keep Bubs' attention. Sadly, I am not sure we will be revisiting books by the McMullens any time soon..


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