Thursday, September 1, 2011

Planning & Routine

I have been thinking a lot lately about the lack of structure our days have, then tonight I was catching up on some Tweets and noticed that a handful of my favorite bloggers, specifically Maureen, over at Spell Outloud, were talking about organization and scheduling.

 I realized recently that, while I am an obsessive planner, I am absolutely terrible at sticking to a schedule. Because of this I find that our weekdays vary from super-structure to go-with-the-flow, and on the weekends, (when daddy is home) it's basically a free for all. Needless to say, this is not working for anyone.  Unquestionably, Bubs and Jam, like most children, thrive on structure; but because I have not made it a priority to figure out and stick to a routine that works for us, every time we try to get back into it, it becomes a struggle. As for myself, I find that disarray overwhelms me to a point that I just throw my hands up and watch the chaos unfold for a little while, then scramble too bring some semblance of order back to our home and lives. This is the point where I find myself with an excel spreadsheet, scheduling out 10-15 minute intervals of the day. Again, not working.

I think I know that the biggest issue I have with juggling my responsibilities is over thinking. Life is not perfect, there is no perfect order, and I am far, far from perfect. I really need to learn to give a little before giving up when it comes to order and routine.

So, with this piece of mind, it's time to start fresh. I think I will take some time tomorrow to revamp my lists, (which I am notorious for) and come up with a flexible routine, free of expectations and full of room (for changes and mistakes)


Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Don't get discouraged! Just leave room for margins in your day-- leave space and time for LIFE to happen! Visiting from the link up-- Thanks for sharing!

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