Friday, September 9, 2011

Swan Creek

We have been making a point to visit a differnt park or trail every couple of weeks, simple task here in the Pacific Northwest. Even better, so many of these places are within a 10-15 from the house. Lately Bubs has been wanting to visit a waterfall. We've all been a little under the weather this past week and weren't feeling like making much of a drive, So we found the next best thing. Swan Creek is a fantastic little hike! It was more dificult than any we have done as a family, and Bubs loved it. Until now we have tried not to stray too farr off of the beaten path, unsure how well our tot would manage, but he did very well and asked to come back again next week!

What's neat about Swan Creek is that it isn't a park in the sense of paved walking trails and crowded playgrounds, but because it is part of Tacoma's Metro Parks all of the bridges, etc. are very well kept.

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