Sunday, September 4, 2011

Discovery Trail

I'm pretty sure I have posted about Ft. Steilacoom Park (aka: the castle park) before, but there is a whole other aspect of this place that we have been overlooking for months; It's called Discovery Trail. There are acres and acres of hiking trail, the biggest dog park I have ever seen, and a huge lake; arom my understanding the grounds were once home to the old Washington State Mental Hospital. Our intention was to take Daddy out for a day at the boys' favorite playground, but once we discovered this little gem even Bubs was happy to "explore the forest" :)

Bubs specifically asked to take this picture. He was so excited about these barns, and talked for hours about the different animals that live in them and the sounds they make.

Adventures are always more fun with daddy! (and daddy is always happy to wear the babe for me :))

Here we learned that a labyrinth is not a maze, there is only one path. Also, we learned that monks often walk a labyrinth as a form of meditatio. Definitely interesting!

The lake. Sadly, like many lakes we have found here in WA, it is has been overtaken by toxic algae and is not safe to play in.

There is a paved walkway that goes around the entire lake. Bubs thinks the trees are "thiiiiiiiis big!"

And lastly, the trailhead. After this I put the camera away and just enjoyed the outdoors with my three boys.


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